Zombie is a race of creature in the Darkness Civilization.


Zombies are the most populous inhabitants of the Darkness Civilization. Long ago, their ancestors sought to attain immortality by infecting themselves with special strains of viruses but were unsuccessful. Zombies' bodies are made up of mostly decomposed flesh. Protruding bones act as armor to protect them from their enemies. It is not unusual for injured enemies to be infected by the viruses and turn into Zombies themselves.

List of Zombies

 ■ Gaunt Boneweaver
 ■ Legionnaire Corpse
 ■ Marrow Ooze
 ■ Rib Collector
 ■ Skeleton Soldier
 ■ Skulking Cypress
 ■ Vile Reanimator
 ■ Wandering Brain-Eater
 ■ Writhing Bone Ghoul
 ■ Zombie Backhoe

Zombie Evolution Creatures

 ■ Impalicus


Writhing Bone Ghoul (3RIS)


  • The Zombies are the Kaijudo versions of the Living Dead from the original Duel Masters franchise.
  • The race is based on the creature type Zombie from Duel Masters and Kaijudo's parent series, Magic: the Gathering.
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