Worldwaker Omgoth
Worldwaker Omgoth (15VTX)
Civilization: Water Water / Nature Nature
Card Type: Vortex Evolution Creature
Level: 7
Race: Aquan / Colossus
Card Abilities: (This card enters your mana zone tapped.)

Vortex Evolution — Put on 2 of your Water and/or Nature creatures.

Triple Breaker

Boundless Mana — When this creature enters the battle zone, you may put all cards from your hand into your mana zone.

Wellspring of Knowledge — Whenever this creature attacks your opponent, for each card you have in hand fewer than 5, you may draw a card.

Power: 13000
Illustrator: Victor Maury
Sets & Rarity:
(S9/S10 — Super Rare ★★★★★)
Other Card Information:
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