Wild Veggie is a race of creature in the Nature Civilization.


Wild Veggies live in small villages deep inside the jungles of the Nature Civilization. Rarely standing more than two feet tall, most of them resemble humanoid versions of common garden vegetables. Although not very powerful, Wild Veggies are very clever and work well together. During times of crisis, Wild Veggie tribes will provide aid to other tribes.

List of Wild Veggies

 ■ Bad Apple
 ■ Brave Shalloteer
 ■ Colonel Corn
 ■ Corporal Pepper
 ■ Duke Durian
 ■ Field Marshal Cornucopia
 ■ Fullmetal Lemon
 ■ Guacamole Gunner
 ■ Haunted Harvest
 ■ Karate Carrot
 ■ Lotus Warrior
 ■ Ninja Pumpkin
 ■ Pesky Pineapple
 ■ Rapscallion
 ■ Ringleader Radish
 ■ Shaman Broccoli
 ■ Sumo Artichoke
 ■ Tricky Turnip
 ■ Tuber Tribe


Support Creature: Card Ability:
Field Marshal Cornucopia Each of your other Wild Veggies gets +2000 power.
Whenever one of your Wild Veggies attacks, you may put a non-evolution Wild Veggie that is level 5 or less from your mana zone into the battle zone.


Ninja Pumpkin (9SHA)


  • The Wild Veggies are the Kaijudo versions of the Wild Veggies from the original Duel Masters franchise.
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