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Set Gallery: 15VTX Gallery
Release Date: August 29, 2014
Next Set: Eye of the Storm
Previous Set: Horde Onslaught
Abbreviation: 15VTX
Block: Quest for the Gauntlet

Vortex is the tenth booster pack in the Trading Card Game.

It was released alongside the Re:Volution Master Challenge deck.

Set Breakdown

It contains 170 cards:

  • 10 Super Rares
  • 10 Very Rares
  • 30 Rares
  • 40 Uncommons
  • 80 Commons


A dark force is brewing at the nexus of all five civilizations, giving rise to the Vortex! Strange and mutated new beings—vortex evolution creatures—are appearing in great numbers, mercilessly destroying all in their path. As their threat takes hold in the creature realm, the Duel Masters fear they will breach the Veil and bring utter collapse. Join the Duel Masters to reverse the Vortex and defeat its mutated minions at a store near you before it’s too late.


This set introduces the following card type(s):

The following race(s) for the following civilization(s) were introduced in this set:


This set introduces the following keyword(s):

  • Vortex Evolution — Put on 2 of your CIVILIZATION creatures.
  • Clash — Whenever this creature attacks, you may clash with your opponent. If you won the clash, ABILITY (To clash, each player reveals the top card of his or her deck, then puts it on the bottom. You win if your card had the same or higher level.)


Reprinted Cards




Enemy multi-civilization Vortex Evolution creatures
(Each multi-civilization vortex evolution creature has two civilizations, two races, and the Super Rare ★★★★★ rarity. Its civilizations are enemies with each other.)