Void Spawn is a race of creature in the Trading Card Game shared between each of the 5 civilizations.


The Void Spawned appeared out of the Vortex which opened in the creature realm.

List of Void Spawn

 ■ Abyssal Engulfer
 ■ Blade Spawn
 ■ Caustic Tachavore
 ■ Cloud Grappler
 ■ Feathered Malteel
 ■ Graveyard Tunneler
 ■ Gullet Ghost
 ■ Havoc Sphere
 ■ Karstara the Warder
 ■ Malphalgus the Tormenter
 ■ Mutant Void Ant
 ■ Pyrotech Warrior
 ■ Quetaro the Gladiator
 ■ Raging Firebrand
 ■ Rogonite the Obliterator
 ■ Savage Spawn
 ■ Shagathar the Voidreacher
 ■ Spawning Shaman
 ■ Stitched Spawn
 ■ Tarvox the Voracious
 ■ Tinkerer Tivster
 ■ Toronok the Voidshaper
 ■ Twisted Vicejaw
 ■ Vang, the Restless Plague
 ■ Void Primogen
 ■ Void Seer
 ■ Volt Striker

Anti-Support Cards

Anti-Support Creature: Card Ability:
Air Warden Prickleback While battling a Void Spawn, this creature gets +5000 power.


Tarvox the Voracious (15PRM)


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