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  • Yami Michael


    February 24, 2019 by Yami Michael


    • 3x Nix
    • 3x Cryo-Nucleus
    • 3x Hydro Spy
    • 3x Logos Scan


    • 3x Drifting Toadstool
    • 3x Bronze-Arm Tribe
    • 3x Sprout
    • 2x Verdant Helix
    • 2x Muk'tak, Lifespark Guide


    • 2x Absolute Incineration
    • 3x Billion-Degree Dragon


    • 2x Fault-Line Dragon
    • 3x Krakatoa the Shattered
    • 2x Ultimate Tatsurion
    • 3x Weaponized Razorcat
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  • Yami Michael

    Richard Zapp

    • I'd love to hear what you guys heard about the game from R&D. Post here!

    Mohamed Al-Hendy

    • nothing? lol. I mean I suppose there might've been a couple ppl who got to talk to Drew or other Wizards ppl one-v-one, but there weren't any open talks about the game as far as I'm aware.

    Richard Zapp

    • There was no q&a? No info about what could have been? I didn't expect anything as far as why things ended, but I assumed there would of been plenty of ' we were planning ons'
    • Richard Zapp
    • Or I am just trying to get Bryan Starner to fire shots at someones opinion one last time.
    • I'm content with either.

    Bryan Starner

    • I had a conversation with R&D for over 2hrs on game balance and woulda, coulda, shoulda.

    Richard Zapp

    • You should pm/ post about it.

    Bryan St…

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  • Yami Michael

    So. Whos staying?

    August 23, 2014 by Yami Michael

    I'll still be editing what needs to be done (gallery pages), character/TV stuff if I ever get around to watching it again, and the next set after its given to champs (hopefully it has card images, not just text. I should ask them...)

    Any idea what the rest of you are going to do?

    (Oh, and thanks for finishing vortex for me. I've been kinda busy recently and also kinda internet-less atm too. Its frustrating, but it happens, I guess.)

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  • Yami Michael


    July 7, 2014 by Yami Michael

    Leave comments if you think I should add anything.

    • Whenever this creature attacks,
      • When this creature attacks, (if it self banishes or bounces)
    • Whenever this creature blocks,
    • When this creature enters the battle zone,
    • When this creature is banished,
    • When this creature is put from the battle zone into your mana zone,
    • When this creature wins a battle
    • When this creature loses a battle,
    • While this creature has power ?000 or more, it has "____ Breaker."
    • While this creature is tapped,
    • While this creature is battling a creature that is level ? or less,
    • Whenever a card enters your mana zone,

    • you win the game.

    • If this creature would be banished,
      • put it into your mana zone instead.
      • return it to your hand instead.
      • put it into your shield zone face down as a new shiel…

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  • Yami Michael

    Card Design

    June 30, 2014 by Yami Michael

    • Trade Cards Online - Dream Cards
    • Japanese Custom Cards (Will need Google translate.)

    • Facebook Card Design Dojo group
    • Trade Cards Online - Dream Cards

    • Ragefire Tatsurion
    • Psychic Predator Rusalka
    • Tatsurion
    • Shapeshifter Scaradorable
    • Hydrobot Scarab
    • The Mystic of Light
    • Champs Cards
    • Volcano Dervish, Major Ao, Ninja Pumpkin, Tricky Turnip
    • Seneschal, Choten's Lieutenant

    • Create a Card forum

    • Mark Rosewater articles
    • Mark Rosewater podcasts
    • Custom Magic subreddit
    • 8 Design Lessons for Newbies
      • Discussion about above lessons.
    • Examples of Wording importance. (Needs Kaijudo equivalent)
    • Custom Card design blog.
      • DM 1
      • DM 2
    • Set/Color design articles
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