Yami Michael

aka Sanctuari

Duel Master (Bureaucrat) Founder
  • I live in Australia
  • I am Male


About me

I run the Duel Masters wiki. I previously also ran and founded the Kaijudo wiki until the game was discontinued.

I contribute to other trading card game based wikis in differing amounts; such as setting up Force of Will cardtables and page structure. Have added cards/small bits of templates for Hearthstone, and have been helping out repairing and freshening up the Magic the Gathering wiki.

Wikis I've Edited

I've also made some edits to the Flight Rising wiki, as well as Yu-gi-oh in the past. One day I would love to have the Wow TCG wiki running too, but one wiki can be enough to manage at times, let alone the main few I look over (DM/FoW/Mtg).

There's an account on wowpedia (which I prefer over wowwiki for a few reasons) and Mtgsalvation for wikis not hosted on wikia system (although that still use Mediawiki).

Important pages

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