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Triple Strike

Triple Strike deck.png

Set Gallery: 8TRI Gallery
Release Date: July 12th, 2013
Next Set: Shattered Alliances
Previous Set: Clash of the Duel Masters
Abbreviation: 8TRI
Block: Rise of the Duel Masters

Triple Strike is a deck released in the Trading Card Game.

It is a 40 card deck featuring 3 exclusive cards.


This deck is based on Tatsurion, Gargle and Scaradorable as well as featuring the Water, Darkness and Fire civilization.

All of the cards in Triple Strike are foil, many of which are being printed with a premium treatment for the first time. These shiny new versions of tournament staples are perfect for players who are looking to bling out their favorite decks.

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Amount: Number: Name: Civilization:
1x D1/D3 Magnet Mech Glu-urrgle Water Water.png
1x D2/D3 Feral Scaradorable Darkness Darkness.png
1x D3/D3 Rampaging Tatsurion Fire Fire.png
3x 1/22 Aqua Seneschal Water Water.png
1x 2/22 Bottle of Wishes Water Water.png
1x 3/22 Crystal Memory Water Water.png
2x 4/22 Fluorogill Manta Water Water.png
3x 5/22 Logos Scan Water Water.png
3x 6/22 Reef-Eye Water Water.png
1x 7/22 Black Feather of Shadow Abyss Darkness Darkness.png
2x 8/22 Bone Blades Darkness Darkness.png
3x 9/22 Dream Pirate Darkness Darkness.png
1x 10/22 Razorkinder Darkness Darkness.png
1x 11/22 Skull Shatter Darkness Darkness.png
1x 12/22 Terror Pit Darkness Darkness.png
1x 13/22 Bolshack Dragon Fire Fire.png
1x 14/22 Comet Missile Fire Fire.png
1x 15/22 Dragon's Breath Fire Fire.png
1x 16/22 Hyperspeed Dragon Fire Fire.png
3x 17/22 Meteosaur Fire Fire.png
1x 18/22 Moorna, Gatling Dragon Fire Fire.png
2x 19/22 Rock Bite Fire Fire.png
1x 20/22 Tornado Flame Fire Fire.png
2x 21/22 Grip of Despair Water Water.png / Darkness Darkness.png
2x 22/22 Soul Vortex Darkness Darkness.png / Fire Fire.png


Water.png Water Civilization: 14

Darkness.png Darkness Civilization: 10

Fire.png Fire Civilization: 12

Water.pngDarkness.png Water Darkness: 2

Darkness.pngFire.png Darkness Fire: 2