Tree Kin is a race of creature in the Nature Civilization.


Tree Kin are a powerful, highly intelligent race able to control the minds of others. They communicate empathcally, filling the air with their emotions. Under their influence, many animals have been tranced into happily starving to death, never realizing they will soon be nourishment for the trees around them.

List of Tree Kin

 ■ Beam Bloom
 ■ Bloomwarden
 ■ Carnivorous Dahlia
 ■ Essence Elf
 ■ Goop Striker
 ■ Grove Protector
 ■ Hunter Blossom
 ■ Illusory Berry
 ■ Johnny Darkseed
 ■ Lumbering Elderwood
 ■ Lurking Orchid
 ■ Necrose, Nightmare Bloom
 ■ Predatory Snapdragon
 ■ Skulking Cypress
 ■ Spore Siren
 ■ Starseed Squadron
 ■ Striding Hearthwood
 ■ Thorny Creeper

Tree Kin Evolution Creatures

 ■ Fearfeather the Scavenger


Essence Elf (3RIS)


  • The Tree Kin are the Kaijudo versions of the Tree Folk from the original Duel Masters franchise.
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