Great Arena
The Great Arena
Vital statistics
Type Arena
Civilization(s) Nature Nature
Race Living City
Inhabitants Piercing Seer
Transforming Totem
Lumbering Elderwood

The Great Arena is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Everything in Nature is alive - even the cities! The Nature Civilization's main dueling arena is perched on the back of the wide-roaming Living City named The Great Arena, making it difficult for enemies to find. The Arena is used to host the Nature Dueling Games, where hundreds of Nature creatures come out to challenge each other for supremacy.


The Great Arena first appeared in The Nature of Things Pt. 1 where Ray, Allie, and Bob arrived so that they can win the Shield of Unity at the Nature Civilization games.

In Fallout, the Great Arena served as a shelter for the Nature Civilization's creatures who lost their homes after the brutal attack from the Water Civilization. Among the refugees include Piercing Seer. Headstrong Wanderer, Razorhide, and Prickleback.

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