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The Dojo Edition

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Set Gallery: 2DED Gallery
Release Date: July 24th, 2012
Next Set: Rise of the Duel Masters
Previous Set: Tatsurion vs. Razorkinder Battle Decks
Abbreviation: 2DED
Block: First Edition Block

The Dojo Edition is a limited edition "pre-release" 60-card set and is the first booster pack in the Trading Card Game, exclusive to WPN stores.

It was released alongside the Bull Rush deck.

Set Breakdown

It contains 60 cards;

  • 5 Super Rares
  • 5 Very Rares
  • 15 Rares
  • 15 Uncommons
  • 20 Commons


This set introduces the following race(s) for the following civilization(s):


This set (as well as 1TVR and 3RIS) introduce various Card Abilities in the game. These include:

  • Blocker.png Blocker (You may tap this creature to change an enemy creature's attack to this creature.)
  • Double Breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)
  • Fast Attack (This creature can attack on the turn it enters the battle zone.)
  • Guard (This creature can't attack.)
  • Powerful Attack +???? (While attacking, this creature gets +???? power.)
  • Shield Blast.jpg Shield Blast (Instead of putting this spell into your hand from a broken shield, you may cast it for free.)
  • Skirmisher (This creature can attack only creatures.)
  • Slayer (When this creature loses a battle, banish the other creature.)


Booster Packs include nine cards and a code card for Kaijudo Online.

24 packs are in a Dojo Edition box.

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Bull Rush: