Terror Dragon is a race of Dragon creature in the Darkness Civilization.


Similar to Chimeras, Terror Dragons are made various parts of deceased Dragons from other civilizations but reanimated, with the help of Dark Lords, from giant amounts of Darkness mana.

List of Terror Dragons

 ■ Baelgor, Accursed Dragon
 ■ Bonerattle Dragon
 ■ Dracothane of the Abyss
 ■ Dreadclaw, Dark Herald
 ■ Grand Manipulator Agaryx
 ■ Harbinger of the Void
 ■ Necrodragon of Vile Ichor
 ■ Serpens, the Spirit Shifter
 ■ Shadeblaze the Corruptor

Terror Dragon Evolution Creatures

 ■ Corvus Dragon


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Necrodragon of Vile Ichor (5DRA)


  • The Terror Dragons are the Kaijudo versions of the Zombie Dragons from the original Duel Masters franchise.
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