Team StormSpark


Members: Dan Cato, Chase Cosgrove, Chris Durand, Kyle Ellingham, Xander Greene, Caitlin Hempton, Jacob Hutchinson, Matt Kozmor, Tony “Klepto” Pulice, and Chris Randolph

Team StormSpark is a team of players in the Kaijudo Trading Card Game from Gamer's Gauntlet in Clinton Township, Michigan.


Stormspark Cast features members Chase Cosgrove, Jacob Hutchinson, Chris Randolph, and Dan Cato. It can be found on iTunes[1], Gamer's Gauntlet[2], Facebook[3], and on Twitter @StormsparkCast[4].

Team members have articles published on[5].


Summer Champs 2014

Dan Cato, Chris Randolph, Jacob Hutchinson and Chase Cosgrove qualified for the 2014 Summer Kaijudo Championship in Seattle, Washington. Interestingly, all four qualified playing "Stormspark Pile," a version of Pile tuned by Team Stormspark. Dan Cato placed highest with a top 16 finish.

Winter Champs 2014

Currently Dan Cato, Chase Cosgrove, and Xander Greene have all won their invitation for the 2014 Winter Kaijudo Championship in Providence, Rhode Island.


  • Chase Cosgrove
  • Jacob Hutchinson
  • Chris Randolph
  • Dan Cato
  • Caitlin Hempton
  • Kyle Ellingham
  • Tony “Klepto” Pulice
  • Xander Greene
  • Chris Durand
  • Matt Kozmor

It also generally refers to any player that calls Gamer's Gauntlet their local game store.




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