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Steel Hammer
Steel Hammer.png
Civilization Nature Nature.png
Race Beast Kin
Gender ♂ Male
Voice Actor James Arnold Taylor

Steel Hammer is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


The dense forests and tangled jungles of the Nature civilization are home to thousands of creatures. Steel Hammer uses his giant stone weapon to hunt food and clear trees for his tribe...but it would be just as useful in a duel to bash through a Duel Master's shields.


In The Nature of Things Pt. 1, some Steel Hammers were seen in the audience of The Great Arena.

In Betrayal, Heller summoned a Steel Hammer to help in The Choten's siege on Raiden Pierce-Okamoto's apartment.

In Cease Fire, a Steel Hammer was among the slaves in the volcano warship run by General Skycrusher. In Boiling Point, the Steel Hammer alongside Karate Carrot and a Gigastand were among the slaves that were rescued. Steel Hammer, Karate Carrot, and Gigastand were placed on an island where Steel Hammer stated that they wouldn't get along with Gigastand.

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