Standard Constructed is a format in the Kaijudo Trading Card Game.


It is is a rotating constructed format that allows for all cards in the newest two blocks (and its promotional cards) to be played.

A block is a collection of 3-5 sets that are released within the same product year. For example: the Clash of the Duel Masters block includes the following booster sets: Clash of the Duel Masters, Shattered Alliances, Invasion Earth, and The 5 Mystics, as well as the stand-alone Booster Brawl product.

Like the Open Constructed format, decks are created with a minimum of 40 cards before the tournament is held.

Current Rotation

As of May 30th, cards from the Clash of the Duel Masters block and the released cards from the Quest for the Gauntlet block are eligible to play in the Standard & Open Formats:

  • A list of all cards allowed in the Standard Format can be seen here.

To clarify which promo cards are eligible in Standard, all promo cards for a set will be numbered with the sets that they are released with. For example, the promo cards for Quest for the Gauntlet (collector 13GAU) will be labeled 13PRM and will be eligible to play in whichever formats Quest for the Gauntlet is eligible in. Note that the set number of 13 ties the two groups of cards together.

Triple Strike is not considered to be part of the Clash of the Duel Masters block and no cards in the set (with the exception of Grip of Despair and Soul Vortex, who were also released in 7CLA) are allowed in the Standard Constructed Format.


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