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Squillace Scourge
Civilization Water Water.png / Darkness Darkness.png
Race Leviathan / Chimera
Duelist The Choten

Squillace Scourge is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


It is a shark-headed creature with tentacles.

Its evolved form has a giant horn on each of its sides and it's tentacles are immensely larger.


It first appeared in The San Campion Hexagon where it was used by The Choten to fight Ken Okamoto.

In Siege, The Choten uses Squillace Scourge to attack the Duel Master Temple. He later had it devour Aqua Seneschal after Seneschal was used by Ray to infiltrate the Choten's base. When The Choten's Evo-Serum Bomb is detonated in the Null Zone, Squillace Scourge is among the creatures exposed to it and evolves.

Card Representations

Evolution Representations


  • Squillace Scourge's first name is the same as the last name of one of the directors of the Kaijudo: Clash of the Duel Masters series.
  • This creature's first name is pronounced (squill-ah-che) with an Italian accent.