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10INV to Bestial Rage Tatsurion/Rulings
Bestial Rage Tatsurion/Trivia to Choten's Minion
Choten's Stalker Sphere to Dragon's Breath/Tips
Dragon's Breath/Trivia to Frantic Blast/Trivia
Freakish Test Subject to Hovercraft Glu-urrgle/Gallery
Hovercraft Glu-urrgle/Rulings to King Poseidon/Trivia
King Poseidon (Character) to Memory Swarm (Character)
Mesa Behemoth to Power Surge
Power Surge/Gallery to Runemaster Zyr/Rulings
Runemaster Zyr/Tips to Solstice Chanter/Trivia
Somen to Telanar, the Stormer/Trivia
Teleport to Vile Piercer/Gallery
Vile Reanimator to Zone Defense/Trivia
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