Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse deck

Set Gallery: Solar Eclipse Gallery
Release Date: September 13, 2013
Associated Set: Shattered Alliances
Set Abbreviation: 9SHA

Solar Eclipse is a deck released alongside the Shattered Alliances set in the Trading Card Game.


It is a Light and Darkness deck based on the enemy multi-civilization combination of Light Darkness cards.

It features an exclusive card, Death Liger the Justicar.


Amount: Number: Name: Civilization:
1xD1/D1Death Liger the JusticarLight Light / Darkness Darkness
1x41/80Calamity BellLight Light / Darkness Darkness
1x44/80Serpens, the Spirit ShifterLight Light / Darkness Darkness
1x2/110Beliqua the AscenderLight Light
2x1/80Blade BarrierLight Light
2x4/110Citadel StewardLight Light
2x5/110Containment FieldLight Light
1x6/110Halo HawkLight Light
2x8/110Lars, Virtuous ImagerLight Light
3x9/110Rain-Cloud KrakenLight Light
2x7/80RepulseLight Light
2x8/80SentrusLight Light
1x11/110ShimmerwingLight Light
2x29/110Arachnoir of Cobweb CavernDarkness Darkness
2x30/110Cave GulperDarkness Darkness
2x18/80Dagger DollDarkness Darkness
3x21/80Ghost BiteDarkness Darkness
2x22/80Maddening WhispersDarkness Darkness
1x40/110SuffocateDarkness Darkness
2x24/80TygrifDarkness Darkness
1x42/80Glimmergloom QuartzLight Light / Darkness Darkness
3x43/80Lost PatrolLight Light / Darkness Darkness
1x48/80Zoltara the MercenaryLight Light / Darkness Darkness


Light Light Civilization: 18

Darkness Darkness Civilization: 14

LightDarkness Light Darkness: 8

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