Simian Warrior Grash
Also Known As: Simian Trooper Grash
Simian Warrior Grash
Civilization Fire Fire
Race Stomper
Duelist Carny

Simian Warrior Grash is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Grash is one of the earliest models of Stomper, and it follows basic Stomper design: stick as many weapons as possible on an armored frame, then program it to destroy everything.


In The Unbareable Being of Lightness, Carny summons Simian Warrior Grash during his training with Alakshmi Verma.

In Caught in The Spotlight, Carny impulsively summoned Grash in front of his friends and discovered that when Carny put his gauntlet on his knee, Grash would fire a missile out of its knee. He was ultimately found out by not only Lucy, but also his father, Fingers and Heller, the latter two showing the pictures to The Choten. It is for this reason that Carny does not show up for school the next day, whilst Fingers and Heller are looking for him. Ray finds Carny's cabin in the woods, and Grash and Tatsurion the Unchained briefly fight before being interrupted by Nigel, who banishes Grash with an evolved Ra-Vu.

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