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Roaming Bloodmane
Roaming Bloodmane.png
Civilization Nature Nature.png
Race Beast Kin
Gender ♂ Male
Family Unknown Beast Kin (Mate)
Voice Actor Freddy Rodriguez
“I am the last of my kind.”—Roaming Bloodmane

Roaming Bloodmane is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Roaming Bloodmane resembles a burly half-ape & half-cat-like creature with long fangs.


Roaming Bloodmane’s ability to hide is extraordinary. Bloodmane can also render himself invisible, making him almost impossible to spot in any battle. He hid on the Earth side of the Veil for centuries, only appearing to those people who went too far into the forest. If you do happen to come across Roaming Bloodmane, make no mistake— you don’t want to get in a fight with him. His gigantic club puts an end to any battle, knocking his opponents back with extreme force. If threatened, he can call forth Mana Ticks from his mane, distracting his enemy while he makes his next move. Living on the human side of the Veil for so long, Bloodmane has acquired the ability to speak and comprehend English, and can also alter his voice to sound like someone/something that he is not. Roaming Bloodmane used this ability to trick Master Brightmore into believing the Duel Masters were not in any danger. After a fierce fight at the Kaijudo Temple, Raiden Pierce-Okamoto used his version of the veil-opening spell to return Roaming Bloodmane to the Nature Civilization and his tribe.

In The Nature of Things, Roaming Bloodmane took part in the Nature Civilization Games on The Great Arena and faced off against Tatsurion the Unchained. Roaming Bloodmane remembered them both and tried to threaten Raiden in order for Tatsurion to be proud to be part of the Quillspike Tribe. Tatsurion rescued Raiden and defeated Roaming Bloodmane. On a related note, the rest of Roaming Bloodmane's tribe was seen in the audience.

In Betrayal, Raiden summoned Roaming Bloodmane to help defend his apartment from Alakshmi Verma, Fingers, and Heller since Tatsurion "would've cost his family their security deposit."

In Extracurricular Activities, Raiden summoned Roaming Bloodmane to fight Heller and Fingers in the local country club since Tatsurion the Unchained would've destroyed the country club.

Card Representation


  • He seems to be a secondary partner to Ray, as whenever Ray needs to fight in a limited space, he often summons him.
  • Master Kimora used to call him "The Rogue."
  • In Extracurricular Activities, it's revealed that Bloodmane has a mate.
  • In Brainjacked, it is revealed that he eats Skeeter Swarmers.
  • Whenever any humans come across Roaming Bloodmane, he is mistaken for Bigfoot.
    • Bloodmane may actually be the origin of the legend of Bigfoot.