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Bottle of Wishes, the first retired card.

A card that has been Retired is a card that has been removed from all sanctioned tournament events such as a Kaijudo Duel Day or a Kaijudo Master Challenge.


For a card to be a candidate for retirement, Wizards of the Coast R&D must first examine tournament results to see how often that a card shows up in decklists. Then they examine win rates, perception, and reviews from players, retailers, and tournament organizers.

After this is done, they then talk about what the metagame will look like without the card. They explore every possible option before coming to a final decision.[1]


Inception of the Retired List

On November 6, 2013, an announcement was made on the official Kaijudo blog that Bottle of Wishes had been retired.[2] The news of the retirement took the Kaijudo community by storm. The link was posted to the Kaijudo Dojo Facebook group by Nolan Johnson and spawned hundreds of comments.

Introduction of the Standard Format

With the introduction of Standard Constructed and the previous game format of all sets being allowed in a Open Constructed format, Bottle of Wishes was changed to be allowed at one copy for the Open format.[3]

However, as Bottle of Wishes was released in DragonStrike Infernus, it is not included in the Standard Format which is rotating format of allowed blocks, from the Clash of the Duel Masters block onwards.

List of Retired Cards

Here is a list of all the retired cards, in order of their retirement.

No. Card Image Date Retired
1 Bottle of Wishes[2] Bottle of Wishes (6DSI).png November 6, 2013