Reef Gladiator
Reef Gladiator (4EVO).png
Civilization: Water Water.png
Card Type: Creature
Level: 3
Race: Aquan
Card Abilities: Blocker.png Blocker (You may tap this creature to change an enemy creature's attack to this creature.)

Guard (This creature can't attack.)

Heart of Water — While all cards in your mana zone are Water cards, this creature gets +3000 power and has "Whenever this creature blocks, you may draw a card."

Power: 3000+
Flavor Text:
Undefeated beneath the waves.
Illustrator: Hiroshi Tanigawa
Sets & Rarity:
Evo Fury
(20/55 — Uncommon ★★)
Other Card Information:
Hydro Initiate
This is a card version of the Hydro Initiate character from the TV Series.
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