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ReVolution deck.png

Release Date: August 29, 2014
Associated Set: Vortex
Set Abbreviation: 15VTX

Re:Volution is a deck released alongside the Vortex set in the Trading Card Game.


It features an exclusive card;


Amount: Number: Name: Civilization(s):
1x D1/D1 Dragon Engine Glu-urrgle Water Water.png / Fire Fire.png
1x 158/160 Taksha, Scourge Gunner Darkness Darkness.png / Fire Fire.png
1x 115/160 Rygar the Tank Fire Fire.png
3x 50/160 Spy Tide Water Water.png
2x 57/160 Tide Seer Water Water.png
1x 60/160 Waveforce Seer Water Water.png
2x 67/160 Deteriorate Darkness Darkness.png
3x 74/160 Ichor Spider Darkness Darkness.png
3x 77/160 Lethal Lockbox Darkness Darkness.png
1x 82/160 Rite of Revival Darkness Darkness.png
1x 83/160 Shredmane Darkness Darkness.png
1x 84/160 Sinister Scheme Darkness Darkness.png
1x 87/160 Terror Pit Darkness Darkness.png
2x 91/160 Blastforge Sweeper Fire Fire.png
3x 96/160 Ember Adept Fire Fire.png
2x 109/160 Mischievous Fire-Chick Fire Fire.png
3x 108/160 Scrapheap Hunter Fire Fire.png
1x 120/160 Wildfire Valkyrie Fire Fire.png
2x 155/160 Abyssal Scavenger Water Water.png / Darkness Darkness.png
1x 155/160 Mind Censor Water Water.png / Darkness Darkness.png
2x 157/160 Bile Raptor Darkness Darkness.png / Fire Fire.png
2x 158/160 Zombie Backhoe Darkness Darkness.png / Fire Fire.png


Water.png Water Civilization: 6

Darkness.png Darkness Civilization: 13

Fire.png Fire Civilization: 12

Water.pngDarkness.png Water Darkness: 3

Water.pngFire.png Water Fire: 1

Darkness.pngFire.png Darkness Fire: 5