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Razorkinder (8TRI).png
Civilization: Darkness Darkness.png
Card Type: Creature
Level: 7
Race: Evil Toy
Card Abilities: Grab and Stab — When this creature enters the battle zone, banish target untapped enemy creature.
Power: 4000
Flavor Text:
"Okay, you're terrifying." —Allie
Illustrator: Wayne Reynolds
Sets & Rarity:
Tatsurion vs. Razorkinder Battle Decks
(S1/S2 — Super Rare ★★★★★)
Triple Strike
(10/22 — Super Rare ★★★★★)
Other Card Information:
Razorkinder Puppet of Miasma Pit
This is a card version of the Razorkinder Puppet of Miasma Pit character from the TV Series.