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Raiden Pierce-Okamoto
Also Known As: Ray
Raiden Pierce-Okamoto.png
Specialty Fire Fire.png Nature Nature.png
Race Human
Gender ♂ Male
Age 14
Affiliation Order of the Kaijudo Duel Masters
Bronze-Arm Tribe
Family Ken Okamoto (Father)
Janet Pierce-Okamoto (Mother)
Raiden Okamoto (Grandfather)
Isao Okamoto (Grand-Uncle)
Kimiko Okamoto (Grand-Aunt)
Satoshi Okamoto (Uncle)
Keiko Okamoto (Aunt)
Ichiro Okamoto (Cousin)
Nobu Okamoto (Cousin)
Creature(s) Tatsurion the Unchained
Voice Actor Scott Wolf
Bob & weave. A moving target’s harder to hit.

Raiden Pierce-Okamoto, also known as Ray, is the main protagonist of the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Ray has learned to keep his guard up, except with his true friends. He has great strength of character, compassion and morality with a strong sense of justice. He will always prefer to find the good in others, despite the others proving him otherwise. His strong moral character won’t always help him, however, as Ray learns that rules are sometimes meant to be broken, particularly when he enters the Kaiju Realm.

Ray’s sharp mind, inquisitive nature, and compassion and friendship for both human and creature-kind leads him to develop a powerful new way of using Kaijudo—dueling with creatures as their partners, not just as weapons.


Raiden "Ray" Pierce-Okamoto is a big-hearted kid being raised by his loving mom, Janet. What makes him special is his amazing connection with the creatures from five magical Civilizations. Recruited by the Kaijudo Duel Masters to protect two worlds at once, Ray will need all his talent — plus pals Allie and Gabe — to defeat the evil mastermind known as The Choten.

He lives in San Campion. He is half-American Caucasian and half-Japanese. Ray knows that he has a connection to something beyond the world he can see. He dreams of powerful creatures from a very different land and then one day, Ray accidentally summons a Rumbling Terrasaur while trying to defend himself against a bully.

Ray’s natural ability leads him to training under the Duel Masters; monks who study Kaijudo, “the Way of the Creature.” There, he discovers Tatsurion the Unchained, aka "Bob". Tatsurion is a very rare hybrid creature born of two civilizations, Fire and Nature.



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  • Raiden's name, (which comes from his grandfather), is a reference to the Japanese god of lightning, thunder and storms, Raijin, also known as "Raiden-sama".
  • Allie says that Ray is "The Natural", referencing his natural talent in Kaijudo and summoning.
  • Ray wears a Kaiju glass similar to the Duel Masters', that was given to him by his father, which gives him the ability to see the other side of the Veil.
  • Ray is the first duelist to have his Gauntlet evolve in the series.
  • Ray is the only human to be born in the Creature Realm.
    • Specifically, he was born in the Nature Civilization.
  • Ray seems to be possibly be based on the sibling characters Rusty and Trey from the Duel Masters: Cobalt video game, as evident from the shared civilizations and the conjunction between Rusty and Trey.
  • Chronologically, Ray is the third duelist to summon a multi-civilization creature.