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Raiden Okamoto
Race Human
Gender ♂ Male
Family Ken Okamoto (Son)
Janet Pierce-Okamoto (Daughter in-law)
Raiden Pierce-Okamoto (Grandson)
Isao Okamoto (Brother)
Kimiko Okamoto (Sister-In Law)
Satoshi Okamoto (Nephew)
Keiko Okamoto (Niece-In Law)
Ichiro Okamoto (Grand-Nephew)
Nobu Okamoto (Grand-Nephew)
Voice Actor Andrew Kishino

Raiden Okamoto is a character in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Raiden Okamoto is the father of Ken Okamoto, father-in-law of Janet Pierce-Okamoto, and grandfather and namesake of Raiden Pierce-Okamoto. He hails from Japan, where his brother Isao Okamoto and his descendants still reside. Raiden and Isao had a strained relationship for many years, due to Isao taking Ken as his Kaijudo apprentice in order to provide guidance-something that Raiden felt he, as Ken's father, was quite capable of doing. At some point he and Ken evidently moved to America, where Ken met and married Janet Pierce. Raiden moved in with Janet and his grandson Ray shortly after Ken's supposed death, and became a father figure to Ray throughout most of his life.


  • Ray refers to him by "Ojīsan", meaning grandpa, or also "male senior-citizen".