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Ra-Vu, Seeker of Lightning
Civilization Light Light.png
Race Skyforce Champion
Gender ♂ Male
Duelist Nigel Brightmore
Voice Actor James Arnold Taylor

Ra-Vu, Seeker of Lightning is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series. He battles alongside Nigel Brightmore.


Ra-Vu is Master Nigel's preferred dueling companion. It's easy to see why, since this mecha thunder creature commands both lightning and tornadoes! Within Ra-Vu's floating armored torso is the power of a thunderstorm. This light creature's arms crackle with the energy that cycles through it, giving it the ability to hurl lightning bolts and tornadoes at its foes. Up close, Ra-Vu unleashes a fury of attacks with its lightning staff to finish off weakened creatures. If a creature tries to dodge the staff's attacks by pouncing on Ra-Vu directly, Ra-Vu counters by running an electrical current through its body to electrocute its assailer. Like other Light creatures, he can freely manipulate light and Ra Vu is also always in permanent flight.

In fact, Ra-Vu has displayed so many different kinds of offensive and defensive abilities that many of the Masters believe there are attacks even they haven't seen yet! The only person who thinks he has knows everything Ra-Vu can do is Nigel—and even he isn't completely sure. Ra-Vu evolved when he was injected with The Choten's evolution serum by Nigel. Due to his evolution Ra-Vu can now speak with a frequency that humans can understand.


In Caught in the Spotlight, Nigel reluctantly evolves Ra-Vu as part of The Choten's demonstration of the Evolution Serum's effects to Alexander Carnahan. During Nigel's fight with Raiden at the Carnahan's house in the woods, Ra-Vu reveals he has gained the power of speech when he implores Nigel not to attack his former allies.

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