A Player is a person in a game of Kaijudo Trading Card Game.


In the text of a card, it refers to the person participating in a game. A game of Kaijudo usually plays games with 2 players.

The start of a game is decided by the player in a random fashion, usually by a game of 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' or rolling a die. That players creatures would be able to attack the other player directly first, leading to the first shield break.

A creature with the effect text "This creature can't attack players." stops a creature from attacking the player (so it can't break shields) and that it also can't attack them directly (even after shields have been broken).

A card that has an effect on "Each player" refers to the active player as well as your opponent.

  • In casual play, it is possible to play a multiplayer game with three or more players. Abilities that can effect each player or how attacks can be concentrated should be addressed before the start of the game.
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