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Onslaughter Triceps
Onslaughter Triceps.png
Civilization Fire Fire.png
Race Drakon
Gender ♂ Male
Voice Actor Scott Wolf

Onslaughter Triceps is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Drakon warfare focuses on offense over defense. Onslaughter Triceps takes this to the extreme. He's loaded with powerful weapons but wears minimal armor. In the hands of an experienced duelist like Alakshmi, this drakon is a dangerous opponent!


In The Unbareable Being of Lightness, Alakshmi Verma summoned Onslaughter Triceps at the time when she was training Carny to use a Duel Gauntlet.

In The Butterfly Effect, Onslaughter Triceps was seen taking part in the fight between Water Civilization and Fire Civilization.

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