Nivarex the Unquenchable
Nivarex the Unquenchable (16EYE)
Civilization: Water Water / Fire Fire
Card Type: Vortex Evolution Creature
Level: 6
Race: Leviathan / Armored Dragon
Card Abilities: (This card enters your mana zone tapped.)

Vortex Evolution — Put on 2 of your Water and/or Fire creatures.

Double Breaker

Unleash — Check the card you unleashed this creature with. If the card was Water, each of your creatures can't be blocked this turn. If that card was Fire, each of your creatures gets "Powerful Attack +5000" until the end of the turn and breaks an additional shield this turn.

Power: 11000+
Illustrator: Jakub Kasper
Sets & Rarity:
Eye of the Storm
(74/80 — Very Rare ★★★★)
Other Card Information:
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