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The Nature Civilization is a mono-civilization combination that is distinguished by a green color frame and is represented by a Tree symbol.


The Nature Civilization is the largest kingdom in the Creature realm, and it threatens to grow larger every day. This expansion causes continuing conflict with the other Civilizations, because the nature of Nature is growth in every direction. The civilization’s motto is simple....Survive at all costs. They regard the Light Civilization and the Fire Civilization as allies. The Water Civilization and the Darkness Civilization are their enemies. The Nature civilization creatures are often tribal with a tendency toward spiritual and shamanistic practices.

This philosophy is very different from the Water civilization’s orientation toward data and knowledge, which creates hostility between Nature and Water. Likewise, the absence of light in the Darkness Civilization limits natural growth, causing the two civilizations to clash. Not surprisingly, the Nature Civilization tends to be more primitive than the others, relying more on brute strength and weaponry found in their surroundings (thorns, vines, shells, poisonous stingers, etc.).

List of Races

Unique Abilities

  • Putting additional cards into your mana zone each turn.
  • Searching the deck for creatures.
  • Power-limited unblockability
  • Putting creatures into the mana zone.
  • Granting power increases to creatures.


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