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Mono-civilization cards are cards consisting of only a single civilization.


Certain cards grant additional effects for only having cards from 1 civilization in your mana zone. These include:

Civilization: Evo Fury:
Light Light.png Prism-Blade Enforcer
Water Water.png Reef Gladiator
Darkness Darkness.png Scavenging Chimera
Fire Fire.png Drakon Warchief
Nature Nature.png Silver Fist

While these cards support only playing one kind of civilization, cards with 2 or more civilizations can still be played in small amounts. However, they should still share a civilization with the cards listed above in order to still allow their abilities. A card such as Piercing Judgment in your mana zone would still allow Prism-Blade Enforcer's ability to be active.

Civilizations of the Creature World
Light Light.png Water Water.png Darkness Darkness.png Fire Fire.png Nature Nature.png
2 Civilizations: Allied: LWLNWDDFFN