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Midnight Crawler

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Race Earth Eater

Midnight Crawler is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Earth Eaters are Water civilization engines of destruction. Midnight Crawler is no exception-it devours land to let the water flow in, expanding the Water civilization's borders with every bite. No wonder this creature has so many enemies!


He was seen battling Earthstomp Giant. He attacks Bob's Quillspike family's land and once again battles Earthstomp Giant but this time eats his arm.

In Mixed Vegetables, Midnight Crawler returns to destroy the Quillspike's territory. It is revealed that the Water Civilization has upgraded him and he now has 2 canons on his arms which shoot ice beams and turn everything into ice.


  • Midnight Crawler is one of the largest Earth Eaters in the Water Civilization.

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