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Megaria, Empress of Dread
Also Known As: Megaria, the Collector & Megaria.
Megaria, Empress of Dread.png
Civilization Darkness Darkness.png
Race Dark Lord
Gender ♀ Female
Occupation Darkness Civilization Ruler (Formerly)
Mob Leader
Family Gregoria, Princess of Malevolence (Younger Sister)
Unnamed Sister(s)
Unnamed Brother (deceased)
Voice Actor Rachel Robinson

Megaria, Empress of Dread is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Dark Lords are among the most powerful and influential creatures in the Darkness civilization. Empress Megaria scours her vast territory to gather desirable things that slip through the cracks of both worlds: lost treasures and forgotten secrets. Her collection is enormous, and contains many dangerous things.


Megaria first appeared in Heart of Darkness Part 1, disguised as Piper Underhill, when Allie's father was trapped in the Darkness realm in the previous episode he tried to call his daughter on his cell phone. Only to find Megaria posing as his wife. Megaria posses a mask that allows her to make herself look like whoever she pleases. When she met Allie, Megaria decided to make her, her new protege, since she has much potential. At the same time, Alakshmi was scouring the Darkness Realm along with Razorkinder, in search of the Shield of Unity and the Choten's missing Bone Ghoul. Razorkinder betrayed his duelist to Megaria, who poses as her mother. Megaria makes Allie and Alaksmi duel each other for the position of her protege. When Allie defeated her, Megaria told her it was because Alakshmi was not suited to duel with Darkness but Fire creatures. At the end of the episode, Alakshmi stole Megaria's Cloak of Dark Illusion to give to the Choten along with the Shield of Unity and Impalicus.

In the episode Darkness on Edge of Town, Megaria disguises herself as Allie's mom in the Human World, in the hopes of making Allie her protege again.

In the episode Forest for The Trees it is revealed that she is allied with the Choten.

In Siege Megaria joins the Choten's "New Duel Masters" in attacking the Kaijudo Temple and faces off with her old enemy Master Jaha, and increases the curse she previously placed on her so that Jaha is left even older than she had been previously. However, Jaha then uses her Mana to reanimate her walking stick-all that remains of Megaria's brother whom Jaha previously faced-and has it attack Megaria, causing them both to be banished to the Creature Realm. Megaria later returns in the Vortex storyline, where the threat of the Vortex causes her to put aside her antagonism with the other civilizations to help deal with the threat, though she continues to taunt Allie and antagonize Sasha.



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  • She is the second creature known to be able to use spells.