Matias Tapia is an Illustrator for the Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by Matias Tapia

 ■ Abyssal Engulfer
 ■ Blinder Beetle Prime
 ■ Dawnflower Quartz
 ■ Glimmergloom Quartz
 ■ Guardian Rusalka
 ■ Justicar Arcanix
 ■ Lava-Tube Crawler
 ■ Luminar Unleashed
 ■ Muk'tak, Lifespark Guide
 ■ Psychic Predator Rusalka
 ■ Ravenous Web-Leg
 ■ Sumo Artichoke
 ■ Sunspout Quartz
 ■ Toronok the Voidshaper
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