Master Nadia Lobachevsky
Master Nadia
Specialty Water Water
Race Human
Gender ♀ Female
Affiliation Order of the Kaijudo Duel Masters
Occupation Duel Master
Creature(s) Aqua Chaser, Rusalka
Voice Actor Grey DeLisle

Master Nadia is a Duel Master in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Master Nadia is highly Intellectual, serious and determined.


A Master of the Water Civilization, Nadia Lobachevsky is the calm, cool Duel Master who runs the Temple's ancient library. There, the Duel Masters maintain a thousand years' worth of knowledge about the creatures and the wisdom that helped them to master the creatures. No wonder Nadia is unimpressed by Ray's new dueling style; he relies more on intuition than knowledge.

Master Nadia has spent years studying the Creature Realm, its inhabitants, and the Veil that protects the two worlds from each other. Nadia's focus and dedication to research is a natural fit with her specialized understanding of the Water Civilization and its appreciation of knowledge. From her research lab in the Dojo Library, Nadia orders and catalogs creature information on summoning tablets, and controls who learns the secrets she uncovers with her swarm of Cyber Viruses. On missions, Nadia partners with Rusalka, a powerful psychic Trench Hunter.


She has appeared many times but plays a major role when she helps the kids with fighting The Choten. It was also revealed that she had never visited the Water civilization prior to the events of The Deep End.

In season 1 episode 26, she begins a relationship with Master Chavez.



Quoted or referred to on cards


  • It is revealed that before August betrayed the Duel Masters becoming the Choten, she was his acolyte.
  • Master Nadia is the sixth Duel Master and the final of the current Duel Masters to break the rule of not touching a creature.
    • Her first touched creature is Aqua Chaser, Rusalka
    • She is the only Duel Master to break this law with a creature from the Water Civilization.
    • This also makes her the only Duel Master to break the rule with their partner creature.
  • Of all the current Duel Masters, Nadia has used the least amount of creatures in total.
  • It has been shown that Master Nadia takes full use of Rusalka's telepathic abilities and seems to keep in constant contact with her even hearing her from across the Veil.
  • Master Nadia was the first Duel Master to "borrow" the creature partner of another master using Gilaflame after Rusalka was defeated.
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