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Master Isao Okamoto
Isao Okamoto.png
Specialty Light Light.png
Race Human
Gender ♂ Male
Affiliation Order of the Kaijudo Duel Masters
Occupation Outpost Guardian (former)
Light Specialist (former)
Duel Master (current)
Family Raiden Pierce-Okamoto (Grand-Nephew)
Raiden Okamoto (Brother)
Ken Okamoto (Nephew)
Janet Pierce-Okamoto (Niece-In-Law)
Kimiko Okamoto (Wife)
Satoshi Okamoto (Son)
Keiko Okamoto (Daughter-In Law)
Ichiro Okamoto (Grandson)
Nobu Okamoto (Grandson)
Creature(s) Prism-Blade Enforcer
Voice Actor Keone Young

Master Isao is a Duel Master in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Isao Okamoto is very strict and stern due to him being a Light Master. Although he appears to be very rigid, he has shown a more compassionate side. He was referred to as a "Stubborn Old Goat" by Master Jaha, which he also admits to being later on during Rising Son.


Isao Okamoto is the brother of Raiden Okamoto, the uncle of Ken Okamoto, and the grand-uncle of Raiden Pierce-Okamoto. He is the head of the Okamoto household in Japan.

When Raiden first came with his grandfather to Japan in Rising Son, he had a bad start with Isao.

When the threat of Sniper Mosquito is at large even when Allison Underhill, Gabriel Wallace, Master Jaha, and Master Kimora arrived, Raiden discovered that Isao is a duelist and he is in charge of the Temple Outpost in Japan. Isao was shown to have been bitter over the fact that Nigel Brightmore was chosen to be the Temple's Light Duel Master instead of him.

When it came to the next fight with Sniper Mosquito, Isao was rescued by Allison and Gabriel where he learned that Raiden was the one who saved the world from The Choten's Veil-breaking plot. After Sniper Mosquito was sent back to the creature world, Isao declined Master Jaha's offer to succeed Nigel and remained working at the Outpost. During his recent chat with Grandpa Raiden, it was revealed that Isao was the one who trained Ken in the art of Kaijudo, having seen in Ken's youth that the boy had needed structure and guidance. He also resented Raiden for moving to America with Ken, but later came to realize that Ken had been his own man and made the choice to go to America with his father.

In Exchange Program, Isao is contacted to stop the Light Civilization when they started kidnapping humans and using Light creatures to impersonate them while the human minds are being scanned and re-programmed. By the end of the episode, Isao becomes the Light Duel Master.


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