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Master Hector Chavez
Master Chavez.png
Specialty Fire Fire.png
Race Human
Gender ♂ Male
Affiliation Order of the Kaijudo Duel Masters
Occupation Duel Master
Creature(s) Gilaflame the Assaulter
Voice Actor Freddy Rodriguez

Master Chavez is a Duel Master in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


One of the youngest Duel Masters, Hector Chavez brings Ray, Allie, and Gabe to the Temple to learn the way of Kaijudo. He's an expert in the Fire Civilization, and his primary creature is a totally dangerous Drakon. Though Chavez can be intimidating, he's a great mentor for Ray. Like most Masters, he's mostly set in his ways, but he can still learn something from his students.

Always on the frontlines of the fight to protect Earth, Master Chavez duels creatures who accidentally wander through tears in the Veil, sending them back to their own realm. He trains constantly with Gilaflame the Assaulter, his drakon dueling creature. Master Chavez is more open to new ways of practicing Kaijudo than the other Kaijudo Masters, making him a natural mentor for new trainees Ray, Gabe, and Allie. He trains the three friends in the basics of Kaijudo and dueling—and tries to curb some of their more wild ideas on new ways to work with creatures.


He was first seen in the first episode The Natural: Part 1 appearing after a rampaging Rumbling Terrasaur. Using Gilaflame the Assaulter, he managed to push the Rumbling Terrasaur back into the Kaiju Realm, and closing the Veil. It was he who brought the children into the world of Kaijudo.

He has appeared in many other episodes, but played a major role in The Siphon, where he preformed "The Siphon", a technique to take mana from the Fire King. After The Siphon, he was left vulnerable and unable to duel but was able to alert the children after being attacked by The Choten's minions.

He was taken captive by The Choten for a short while, with The Choten planning to steal the mana absorbed by Master Chavez but was eventually rescued.

In The Rising, Part 2, he begins a relationship with Master Nadia.



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