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The Light Civilization is a mono-civilization combination that is distinguished by a yellow color frame and is represented by a sun symbol.


The Light Civilization rises above the other civilizations, literally. They live in majestic, floating cities in the sky that operate with clock-like precision. For Light Civilization creatures, intellectual power reigns supreme and they have harnessed their superior intelligence to create elegant and advanced technologies to help them in all aspects of their lives. In fact, the Light Civilization creatures' polished metal bodies are mechanical constructs designed to hold their souls which are made of light. Because of their nature, they are able to use light in all its forms (waves, particles, beams, etc.), whether for defense or offense.

As for their philosophy, the Light Civilization views the Water Civilization in a good light, sharing Water's interest in the pursuit of advanced technology....though the Light Civilization's golden tech is more streamlined and advanced. They also get along with the Nature Civilization, because Nature needs light to grow and expand. For obvious reasons, they are the nemesis to those from the Darkness Civilization and they find the destructive and chaotic nature of the Fire Civilization distasteful.

List of Races

Unique Abilities

  • Tapping your opponent's creatures in the battle zone.
  • Untapping your creatures in the battle zone.
  • Adding cards from your hand or deck into your shields.
  • Searching for spells from your deck.
  • Returning spells from your discard pile to your hand.
  • Creatures with 500 as the last 3 digits in their power.


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