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King Tritonus
King Tritonus.png
Civilization Water Water.png
Race Monarch / Leviathan
Gender ♂ Male
Occupation Monarch of the Water Civilization
Voice Actor James Arnold Taylor
“The Water civilization will not float idly by while Fire encroaches on our sovereign territory.” — King Tritonus

King Tritonus is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


King Tritonus, monarch of the Water civilization lay in slumber for eons, his mana being siphoned off by the Kaijudo Duel Masters to sustain the Veil. After being woken by The Choten, Tritonus returns to Water to rule his civilization.


Thousands of years ago, King Tritonus was the ruler of the entire Water Civilization and was the wielder of the Helm of Ultimate Technology. When a war between humans and Kaiju that threatened to destroy the entire world erupted, King Tritonus, Infernus the Immolator, Almighty Colossus, Queen Kalima of the Infinite Dark, and Eternal Haven, Angelic Liege banded together with five human wizards to end the war.

The Creature Monarchs willingly sacrificed their mana energy so that the original Duel Masters might create the mystical veil that has ever since separated the human and Kaiju worlds. Drained of almost all their energy, the five Monarchs fell into a deep slumber, with King Tritonus being buried at the bottom of the ocean.

It appears the plan was originally to allow the Monarchs to recover their strength and awaken before sending them across the Veil so they might rule their peoples again, but at some point, the Order of the Kaijudo Duel Masters betrayed the Monarchs' trust, periodically siphoning off their mana, keeping them in hibernation for millennia.


When the Choten activated the artifacts to awaken the Creature Monarchs, as seen in Kaijudo - The Rising, Part 1, King Tritonus was the first one who fully awakened and he was raised from a sea. When the Veil is restored, King Tritonus is returned to the Water Civilization.

In Boiling Point, King Tritonus is seen being controlled by The Choten for his own uses.

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  • He is the only Monarch who never got his artifact back after being awakened.
  • King Tritonus and Almighty Colossus are the only Monarchs that can't fly