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Kaijudo: Battle Game is a game that was released on June 26th, 2012 alongside the Trading Card Game.

It is playable on PC and was designed by Electrified Games.


Kaijudo Online consists of several levels where you fight particular duelists. The game plays with the rules of the Kaijudo TCG, except decks are 30 cards and moves can be undone.

Later, in the games you duel other stronger enemies that, despite the rules, have a lot of mana, extra shields and creatures that attack the player every time- if they are given the chance.


The story centers on the person playing the game. It starts with Master Hawkins giving you a tutorial of Kaijudo.

You enter a competition between different Dojo branches and end up battling duelists from around the world. The finalist in the competition, Rashar, also turns out to be an agent for The Choten whom you defeat.

The game later shows you stopping agents of the Choten in different circumstances and in the end The Choten banishes Alakshmi to the creature realm for her failures and you dive in to rescue her, arriving in an area full of Choten's Minions.

Later, you are in the darkness civilization and are cought by the zoo keeper but escape.You travel through the 5 civilization making friends with creatures and stoping the Choten' many schemes.

You later find a way out of the relam and you go through it, defeating Heller (again). Even though Master Hawkins is very angry with you he take a tablet that you stole from the choten and says one word "EVOLUTION"!

You later go on a field trip with your friends and duel Vorg. Master Hawkins reveales that they came here in search of his creature. While searching for him they encounter a spirit quartz (tag-tap) who has a a dueling arena, where many creatures fight together.

Disguising themselves as snow-sprites, the kids face off against numerous creatures. After dueling against creatures from 5 civilizations, you find out that you were supposed to lose that match. So tag-tap throws you to the ground where you fight against Skycrusher and finding Master HAwkin's creature.

Angered by his loss, Skycrusher gets very angry and you face him again. But this time he quickly gains a lot of mana has 2 more shields and very powerfull creatures. This battle is sort of a boss-duel.

The game is episodic in nature.