Kaijudo Wiki

Kaijudo: Battle Game is a game that was released on May 5th, 2012.

It is playable on PC as well as apple products. This game is also playable on the Kaijudo Dojo App.

Gameplay Details

The game-play is simple enough. Players select their “lead” creature, send them out to do battle, and then play support creatures to boost the original monster’s power level. Whichever monster ends up with the most power wins, and then another round starts. Normally each player has three “shields” or rounds that need to be defeated, but certain cards like Ray’s Tatsurion the Unchained pack potent abilities that actually let a player take out two of the opponent’s shields in a single round!


Test your battling skills with awesome creatures as you fight through 21 levels of game play jam-packed with some of the most powerful creatures in the Kaijuverse—coming alive in full motion through your computer or your Apple mobile device!

Choose from 3 different fighting styles: Bob's proud warriors of fire, Gargle's cyber-intellectuals of water, or Squeaky's living nightmares of darkness. The Kaijudo Battle Game is not only recommended training for all duelists, it is the beginning of a nonstop adventure into the five civilizations of the Creature Realm!