The Rising, Part 1
Season One, Episode Twenty-five
Kaijudo - Episode 25
Air date November 24th, 2012
Written by Henry Gilroy
Directed by Gary Hartle
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The Rising, Part 1 is the 25th episode of season 1 in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Escaping from the Creature Realm, the kids help the Masters and Janet plan an attack on The Choten’s lair. However, The Choten is prepared for them and ready to put his plan to control both worlds into action! The past of Ray and his father Ken Okamoto is revealed.

Major Events

  • Saguru and Homonculon "evolve".
  • Master Nigel switches sides.
  • Master Jaha "joins" the Choten.
  • Tatsurion evolves.
  • History of Ray's family is revealed.
  • Master Chavez begins to accept Gilaflame as his friend.
  • The Choten summons the water monarch.

New Creatures


  • Scott Wolf - Raiden Pierce-Okamoto, Mighty Shouter
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Reef Prince Glu-urrgle, Master Jaha, Choten Minion
  • Grey DeLisle - Alakshmi Verma, Master Nadia Lobachevsky, Janet Pierce-Okamoto
  • John DiMaggio - Nigel Brightmore, Heller
  • Oded Fehr - The Choten
  • Andrew Kishino - Master Benjirou Kimora, Saguru/Ken Okamoto
  • Phil LaMarr - Gabriel Wallace, Aqua Seneschal
  • Jason Marsden - Fingers
  • Freddy Rodríguez - Master Hector Chavez
  • David Sobolov - Tatsurion the Unchained
  • Kari Wahlgren - Allison Underhill


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