Extracurricular Activities
Season Two, Episode Ten
Kaijudo - Extracurricular Activities
Air date August 23st, 2013
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Extracurricular Activities is the 10th episode of season 2 in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Ray gets a good job and moves into a new home with his family. Elsewhere, Fingers, Heller and Choten Minions start a new crime spree upon obtaining a Rumbling Terrasaur horn.

Major Events

  • Fingers and Heller steal money by going through the Veil using a piece of a Terrasaur horn.
  • The Choten is inspired by Heller's idea and decides to begin harvesting Terrasaur horns
  • Lucy learns to use a Dueling Gauntlet and becomes an acolyte



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