Jetflame Lizard
Jetflame Lizard
Civilization Fire Fire
Race Drakon
Affiliation Skycrusher's Forces
Occupation Bodyguard

Jetflame Lizard is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Jetflame Lizards are the most elite of Lord Skycrusher's personal royal guards. They stand alert beside their ruler's throne, ready to defend him against any creature who dares attack.


Several Jetflame Lizards protected Lord Skycrusher.

In "Kaijudo - Like Father, Like Son," Jetflame Lizard later assisted Blastforge Slavetrader, Burnclaw the Relentless, and Branca the Treacherous into pursuing Ray, Tatsurion, and Carny.

Card Representations

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