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Human is a race of creature in the Trading Card Game.

They are based on the human characters from the TV series. Humans do not typically directly fight creatures, with the only playable Human creature being a result of fusing with another creature.


Thousands of years ago, Humans and Creatures lived on Earth in peace. Some creatures however, believing that humanity had grown too numerous and powerful, decided that they should be enslaved. A great Kaiju war raged for centuries, with humans and creatures nearly destroying each other.

This war ended when a group of shaman warriors used the mana given to them by the Creature Monarchs to create the Veil, moving the creatures to a new parallel dimension and leaving humanity to inherit the Earth.

List of Humans


Humonguru (12MYS).png


  • In the original Duel Masters franchise, the name Human is associated with a race from the Fire Civilization. The Humans in Duel Masters became Berserkers in Kaijudo.
    • Flavor texts on several Berserker cards imply that at one point they were Human.