Horde Onslaught

Horde Onslaught deck

Set Gallery: 14ONS Gallery
Release Date: July 25th, 2014
Next Set: Vortex
Previous Set: Quest for the Gauntlet
Abbreviation: 14ONS
Block: Quest for the Gauntlet

Horde Onslaught is a deck released in the Trading Card Game.


It is a 40 card deck featuring 3 exclusive cards.


All of the cards in Horde Onslaught are foil, many of which are being printed with a premium treatment for the first time. These shiny new versions of tournament staples are perfect for players who are looking to bling out their favorite decks.


Amount: Number: Name: Civilization:
1xD1/D3Hive Marshal GolianNature Nature
1xD2/D3Pakidamo the ResilientLight Light / Nature Nature
1xD3/D3Abyssal Stalker BaleiaWater Water / Darkness Darkness
1x7/110Keeper of LawsLight Light
1x21/80Wandering Brain-EaterDarkness Darkness
2x22/80Maddening WhispersDarkness Darkness
1x37/80Ninja PumpkinNature Nature
1x39/80ReverberateLight Light / Water Water
3x45/80Spire PuppetLight Light / Darkness Darkness
3x65/80BloomwardenWater Water / Nature Nature
1x66/80CrystalizeWater Water / Nature Nature
1x74/80Foul ManaDarkness Darkness / Nature Nature
2x35/110MesmerizeDarkness Darkness
1x40/110SuffocateDarkness Darkness
2x71/110Aqua StriderLight Light / Water Water
1x76/110Piercing JudgmentLight Light / Water Water
2x81/110Fullmetal LemonLight Light / Nature Nature
1x90/110Grip of DespairWater Water / Darkness Darkness
1x48/160Scavenging CenophorWater Water
3x49/160ScrutinizeWater Water
1x59/160Wave SpearsWater Water
1x66/160Den GorgerDarkness Darkness
1x87/160Terror PitDarkness Darkness
1x139/160Predatory SnapdragonNature Nature
1x141/160Root TrapNature Nature
3x145/160SproutNature Nature
1x146/160Sumo ArtichokeNature Nature
1x155/160Mind CensorWater Water / Darkness Darkness


Light Light Civilization: 1

Water Water Civilization: 5

Darkness Darkness Civilization: 8

Nature Nature Civilization: 8

LightWater Light Water: 4

LightDarkness Light Darkness: 3

LightNature Light Nature: 3

WaterDarkness Water Darkness: 3

WaterNature Water Nature: 4

DarknessNature Darkness Nature: 1


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