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Also Known As: Legionnaire Lizard
Civilization Fire Fire.png
Race Dune Gecko
Gender ♂ Male
“Never thought I'd see you again, little . . . er, big fella!”—'Ray

Hissy is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Legionnaire Lizards can pack a punch—even young ones! Lizards like Hissy grow up to be fierce creatures, striding across the Fire civilization and causing smaller creatures to scurry away. Although Hissy looks small, it will no doubt grow up to be a powerful warrior—which is why Hissy has caught The Choten's eye. The evil genius has been on the lookout for a Legionnaire Lizard specimen to add to his collection, and Hissy is the perfect fit! Fortunately for Hissy, Ray, Gabe, and Allie are hot on The Choten's trail...

Hissy is back and bigger than ever! The once-tiny dune gecko has grown to a monstrous size after being exposed to The Choten’s evolution serum. Now, this 20-ton wrecking ball curls up into a ball and rolls over its enemies, flattening them with ease. Will Hissy remember Ray, Allie and Gabe if they all meet again – or will they be on the wrong side of their former friend?


Alakshmi Verma steals Hissy for The Choten in the episode The Hunted.

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