Helm of Ultimate Technology
Helm of Ultimate Technology
Civilization Water Water

The Helm of Ultimate Technology is the artifact belonging to the Water Civilization.


The primary function of the Helm is that it allows the wearer to summon and control any creature of the Water Civilization.

It gives the user the ability to read the minds of Water Creatures and beings whose bodies are composed of at least 50% water, such as Humans whose bodies are composed of 60% water.

There is a significant danger in using the artifact; it requires an unfathomable level of mental processing power to wield. If the wearer is not mentally skilled enough, the artifact will overwhelm them and cause great pain. Only the Water Civilization Monarch, King Tritonus and Reef Prince Glu-urrgle have demonstrated the mental skill necessary to use the helm properly. However after some work The Choten was able to find a way to wear the helmet without being overwhelmed by it by creating an interface for it.


Referred to on cards

 ■ King Poseidon
 ■ Warbringer Poseidon

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