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Headstrong Wanderer
Headstrong Wanderer.png
Civilization Nature Nature.png
Race Beast Kin
Gender ♀ Female
Affiliation Quillspike Tribe
Occupation Leader
Family Unknown Beast Kin (Husband)
Napalmeon the Conquering (Husband)
Tatsurion the Unchained (Son)
Razorhide (Son)
Prickleback (Son)
Moorna the Vengeful (Step-Daughter)
Unknown Armored Dragon (Step-Children)
Voice Actor Kari Wahlgren

Headstrong Wanderer is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Headstrong Wanderer is the matriarch of the Quillspike tribe, a race of Beast Kin with Quills on their backs. But she isn't just your normal leader of a Nature tribe, she's also Tatsurion's mother.


Headstrong Wanderer had at least two children, Prickleback and Razorhide, before an unlikely union with the Armored Dragon Napalmeon the Conquering that produced Tatsurion. Knowing that the dragon side of her son's lineage would not accept him as a product of two civilizations, she kept Tatsurion with her in his youth but was unable to stop him from running away to Napalmeon's home in the Fire Civilization. The next time the two met was when Tatsurion was brought along by his full-blooded dragon sister Moorna on a hunt, where she deliberately led an attack on the Quillspike. She was menaced by Moorna's fiance Brutalus but was saved by Tatsurion, which resulted in him being branded a criminal in the Fire Civilization. He would make infrequent visits to his mother in the Nature Civilization, in part due to his brothers' behavior and his mother's insistence on using his Quillspike name "Barebottom."

She and her tribe are attacked by Midnight Crawler and need the Shield of Unity for protection. The Quillspike were lucky to have rallied the other tribes & fended the Earth Eater without it.

Headstrong Wanderer was later abducted by Moorna as part of a plan to get revenge on Tatsurion and was brought to the lair of Brutalus, who had been exiled after he was crippled by Tatsurion's actions in defending Headstrong Wanderer. However, Brutalus proved to have no vendetta against the Quillspike, and even aided them in fending off Moorna before allowing them to leave. She later appeared in the Quest for the Gauntlet storyline as the Nature Civilization is menaced by the Vortex, and is summoned by either Master Hawkins, Orion Rann, or Sabrina LaRoux to battle against The Choten's forces.

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